Meet the heartbeat of the JM Engineering team, John Melvin.

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20+ Years Engineering Experience

True Passion

Before John Melvin put together a top-tier team and launched JM Engineering in 2001, he gained experience a variety of roles in and around the construction industry.

John’s time as a CAD technician, project manager, design engineer and commissioning agent (among other roles) brought him deep inside the industry and allowed him to view complex projects from many different perspectives – including yours.

Engineering Innovation

True Passion

John Melvin’s 20+ years in mechanical engineering design have taught him an immense amount, but the most important thing he has learned is that every project must be considered from a big-picture perspective. Understanding how each piece fits together is essential to seamless execution and perfect finished results.

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Expert Witness

John Melvin is also a Professional Engineering Witness and is therefore available to consult and testify regarding professional engineering. As a professional engineering expert, John may consult on issues involving engineering risk assessments, registered professional engineers, and engineering document responsibility. He may also testify regarding licensed engineers, design reviews, safety and hazard analysis, and field engineering, as well as related issues.

Please reach out regarding your Engineering Expert Witness needs and we will get back to you!

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This is a podcast where we discuss all things buildings: from construction & build methods, to architecture, engineering, and systems designs.

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