The new-school engineer has evolved – our job is help you avoid cookie-cutter solutions and take your vision from concept to reality smoothly, safely and efficiently.

Respecting Your Design

As an architect, you need to be sure your building can function optimally as intended; that people can fully enjoy the facility you’ve designed. And of course, it’s got to look spectacular from all angles.

With decades of accumulated knowledge, advanced understanding of building form & function and the latest textile technology, there’s very little we can’t accomplish working together.

Yellowstone Club House Engineered by JM Engineering
Respecting Your Design

Working Together

Installing cooling and heating systems is often one of the biggest phases of new construction because it impacts your entire project and can complicate progress in various other departments.

But it doesn’t have to. By integrating these systems successfully into your existing design through close collaboration, JME can help minimize any pressure this phase exerts on the rest of your project. Clear communication is key, and we always make sure we fully understand your needs when planning your system.

Once we’re on the same page, it’s easy to identify potential cost-reduction measures and efficiency enhancements, such as tiered installations, that can substantially decrease your time & resource investment to improve your project’s bottom line.

Respecting Your Design

Improving Bottom Lines

Careful planning and thorough analysis means you can expect few – if any – on-site delays and smooth, low-impact progress made daily on the jobsite.

You know what that means:

  • Less hands needed on the job
  • Fewer work hours invested
  • Streamlined, stress-free projects

…buildings that look and function exactly as you envisioned them, completed on-tim and on-budget and, most importantly, happy clients who contract you repeatedly and spread shining recommendations for your practice.

JM Engineering custom home mechanical engineers
Respecting Your Design

Better. Faster. Simpler. Always.

We’ll create a custom solution that fulfills your project goals, matches your budget and adds significant value to your finished product by getting to know you and considering your plans as a comprehensive whole.

From full-scale commercial complexes and functional institutions to beautiful family homes, architects have trusted JME’s custom-crafted energy-efficient heating & cooling solutions since 2001.

Respecting Your Design

Making It Happen

You’re making a smart move by incorporating eco-friendly, energy-efficient heating and cooling systems into your designs. The new energy paradigm is happening, right now, all around us.

Green construction and geothermal radiant heating are here to stay, and everyone will be on board eventually. Conscientious clients want to start saving money (and the planet) today.

Simply put: our specialized team has been doing this for a long time.  We understand how to plan around and work within your project to stay out of the way, deliver on schedule and keep true to your concept (within the bounds of physical possibility, of course… but you’ll be surprised at what’s really possible).

JM Engineering mechanical engineers custom home
Together We Build Dreams

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