Providing a quality customer, patient or tenant experience is your primary goal as a facility operator. Our main goal is to ensure you deliver consistently when designing a new building or improving infrastructure in an existing property.

Plan with Foresight,
Act with Confidence

To understand your needs, we’ll collaborate closely with your design team to develop a project proposal that’s within your budget, delivers the long-term results you’re looking for and integrates seamlessly into a larger project framework where applicable – all with minimum inconvenience for your patrons and staff.

Yellowstone Club House Engineered by JM Engineering
Plan with Foresight, Act with Confidence

Long Term Savings You Can Count On

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that homeowners save between 30% and 70% in heating costs and between 20% and 50% on cooling costs immediately upon upgrading to an eco-friendly, high-efficiency geothermal radiant heating and cooling system.

Pretty impressive – now extrapolate those numbers for your apartment complex, stadium, school, hospital or lab, and guarantee them for the long term.

Fuel and energy costs are spiraling out of control – energy-efficient solutions, especially geothermal radiant heating and ground water cooling, represent not just immediate savings, but also a reliable long-term hedge against energy inflation.

Plan with Foresight, Act with Confidence

Sick Buildings

There are plenty of things that can make a building ‘sick’, but by far the most common are mold/mildew, poor ventilation and subpar or nonexistent air filtration.

Older buildings that haven’t seen renovations in many years (or ever) are particularly susceptible to getting sick, but without proper systems in place, any building can be affected. It happens quickly, and by the time you notice something is amiss, the problem is often severe, and attorneys may already involved.

A little preventive medicine can keep this from ever occurring: adequate climate control is essential to sustain – and prolong – any structure’s life and value.

Thanks to recent technological advances, the solutions are simpler than you think

JM Engineering Hellgate High School HVAC system mechanical engineers
Plan with Foresight, Act with Confidence

Custom-Tuned, Low Impact Solutions

No matter what your industry, you want to minimize service interruptions. If you’re building or improving a hospital or other healthcare facility, it’s absolutely essential that they never occur.

In historical attractions like museums, it’s important to maintain theme, décor and authenticity while avoiding revenue loss to downtime. Condo tenants can’t be kept in the cold… in short, every project presents a unique set of constraints to meet and challenges to overcome.

Discovering the solutions and seeing them implemented successfully is the most exciting part of our job.

From installing in phases to oddly-timed shipments and creative scheduling, our team always goes the extra mile to make sure our proposal comfortably accommodates your specific situation without any compromise in value, quality or results.

Plan with Foresight, Act with Confidence

A Clean, Profitable Future

With an expert team, the latest systems and control technology and sophisticated Building Information Modeling (BIM) software at your disposal, designing and implementing your new custom heating & cooling system can be smooth, fun and economical.

JME has focused on delivering unbiased peer review; sustainable, affordable solutions for Heating, Ventilation & Air-conditioning (HVAC), plumbing and process piping for institutions and medical facilities to reduce resource consumption and improve bottom lines for over 11 years.

Our team is one of the most knowledgeable, experienced and friendly in the business.

JM Engineering mechanical engineers custom home
JM Engineering custom home mechanical engineers
Plan with Foresight, Act with Confidence

The Right Decision

Going green – choosing eco-friendly, sustainable energy solutions like geothermal radiant heat – is more than a smart investment and a value-added luxury for your customers or tenants.

We are all responsible for the planet we live on. Green building and clean energy can help create a better future for everyone.

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