Saving for Retirement

People’s retirement needs vary greatly, but everyone will have basic expenditures: home maintenance or rent, transportation, medical care, and living expenses. In order to pay for life during your retirement – and maybe have some fun along the way – you will need a source of income.  It is essential that you set money aside now, and allow that money to grow, in order to reach your retirement goals.  The 401(k) can be one of the most critical elements in your retirement savings picture.

At JME we offer an employer-sponsored retirement investment plan, a 401(k), to help you reach your retirement goals.

The plan is through Empower Retirement and is managed by Great West Financial.  Use the link below to access the Empower Retirement website for more information about your 401(k) benefits at JME.  You can also reach the customer service department at Empower by calling:  1-800-338-4015

Empower Retirement