Ketchum ID

Evening vista at Sun Valley Ski Resort near Ketchum, Idaho.

When you think of a luxury residence, you think lots of square footage.  There will be room for anything and everything under the sun in there!  Right?

Yes and no…

At just over 8,800 sq/ft, this home has plenty of room…. FOR LIVING.   With such a diverse range of features and design elements, this residence requires a sophisticated mechanical and plumbing system, but nobody wants to dedicate large spaces for housing this vital equipment.  The name of the game when designing mechanical rooms in this type of home is inventing a way to make all the necessary elements fit tightly into the allowed space with maximum functionality.



Image of the 3D NavisWorks model of the mechanical room


This is where JME’s specialized skills come into play.  No other room in the home will be laid out as precisely and with as much detail as the mechanical room.

Every centimeter counts in here!  This truly is the heart of the home.  The Hydronic Piping, Domestic Piping, Mechanical Equipment and Duct work are all supplied from this mainframe.  All codes and clearances need to be observed, and ease of access for future servicing and maintenance needs to be ensured.

JME uses Revit and NavisWorks technology to simultaneously model all these systems as each element is placed with precision into the proposed design.  Our modeled mechanical and plumbing systems are integrated with the models generated by architects and other engineering disciplines to ensure that there are no conflicts or collisions as each pipe/duct/wire is placed virtually.  We check and double check to make sure the building process will go as smoothly as possible when the time comes.

Full house

Virtual Model of the entire mechanical and plumbing system for the residence generated using Revit technology.



The examples shown here are a mechanical room design that JME is putting the finishing touches on right now.  The model can be rotated in 3D and zoomed in to see any angle or small detail.

The architects who design these showcase homes make sure they have all the right stuff, incorporated into a stunningly beautiful package.   We make sure all the elements needed to make the home function fit invisibly into the structure.   3D modeling helps us do it!   Would you like know more about how JME can make your project Work by using Revit & Navis Works Technology?

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