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Information Modeling

By using advanced rendering software to create a precisely accurate virtual 3D model of your building, we can identify the best systems and controls for your application as well as eliminate any potential problems in advance.


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Heating & Cooling

Taking advantage of the stable temperature underground using a ground of water source heat pump can provide heating, cooling, and hot water at remarkable high efficiencies.


Having formal commissioning performed on a building helps to maximize energy efficiency, environmental health, and occupant safety.  The process aims to ensure that the building components are working correctly and that operational plans are implemented efficiently and effectively. To that end, we offer complete building commissioning services.

RadiantHeating & Cooling

Installing radiant heating and/or cooling is a silent, clean option that allows for easy zoning and stable uniform temperatures. All without bulky ductwork, drafty air movement or noisy furnaces.

Air Filtration
& Humidity Control

Labs, medical facilities, and data centers require stringent controls regarding temperature, humidity, and air filtration. A system created for both efficiency and flawless performance is needed to ensure the safety of your patients, your equipment and your information.


LEED certification is the recognized standard for measuring building sustainability. JME can design you a system that achieves LEED certification and demonstrates that your building project is truly “green”.


The commissioning agent performs functional tests to ensure that the design (namely HVAC) and install are the same.  If the system is not performing as designed, tests are performed to discover why and what needs to be fixed and/or changed.
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