Maximize Efficiency

Formal commissioning performed on a building helps to maximize energy efficiency, environmental health, and occupant safety.  The process aims to ensure that the building components are working correctly and that operational plans are implemented efficiently and effectively.

Optimal Functionality

Commissioning delivers preventive and predictive maintenance plans, tailored operating manuals, improves installed building systems documentation and outlines comprehensive training procedures for all users to follow.  All of which help ensure optimal system functionality throughout the life of the building.

Efficient and Effective Plans

Building Commissioning Services

At JME we understand that there is more to getting optimal performance from a building system than well thought out design. It is also important to ensure the systems that have been designed and installed will live up to expectations. A big part of that is making sure that all the components of the system are working together as intended. To that end, we offer complete building commissioning services.

The Primary Goals of Building Commissioning are to:

  • Deliver buildings and construction projects that meet the owner’s project requirements.
  • Prevent or eliminate problems inexpensively through proactive quality techniques.
  • Verify systems are installed and working correctly and benchmark that correct operation.
  • Provide documentation and records on the design, construction, and testing to facilitate operation and maintenance of the facility.
  • Implement trend logs, automated and semi-automated Cx tools to enable O&M staff ongoing Cx.
  • Maintain facility performance for the building’s entire life cycle.
  • Lower overall first costs and life-cycle costs for the owner.
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If you are interested in hearing about how the building commission process works and understanding how it can contribute to the overall success of your next building project, please reach out!

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